Para volver a amar (To love again)

Six women who will learn that the happiness is not anything unattainable and does not last forever. Monday to Friday 5 pm Canal de las Estrellas


It is a history that counts on a beautiful and intelligent young woman, where the excessive ambition will be his ruin. Led by Angelique Boyer and Aarón Díaz. Monday to Friday 6 of the evening Canal de las Estrellas.

Cuando me enamoro (When I fall in love)

Cuando me enamoro(When I fall in love) it is a soap opera full of passion, of love, of dislike, of meetings and of misunderstandings, betrayals and revenge. Monday to Friday, 7 pm, Canal de las Estrellas

Llena de amor (Full of love)

Marianela is a sweet, enterteining and very intelligent girl, it might say that it has everything, except the physical beauty, since she is a rather fat enough young woman. Monday to friday 8 pm, Canal de las Estrellas

Triunfo del Amor

The story of a couple who must overcome deceits, lies and betrayals and wait for the Triumph of Love. Starring Maite Perroni and William Levy. Monday through Friday at 9 PM on Canal de las Estrellas

El Clon (Clone)

The love is born when Lucas knows to Jade in Morruecos, but due to the Moslem customs, it is impossible that they are together Monday to Friday, 11 of the night on Galavision

Decisiones de mujeres

He presents touching histories inspired by events of real-life heroes. Monday to Friday 11:30 of the night Galavision
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