Acción is the sports summary with the longest tradition in Mexican TV. It offers the details of everything you want to know about the world of sports. Its well known sections include Gol, Error y Figura, El Oso de la Semana and El Oso Internacional. Sunday 1:30 of the evening on Canal de las Estrellas

Hazaña, El Deporte Vive

Hazaña... El Deporte Vive narrates, compiles, pays homage to and brings back to life golden moments in the history of sports. A chance to live what you have only heard of, a chance to come ion contact with true legends. Saturday 1 of the evening on Galavisión

La Jugada

La Jugada (The Play) presents everything that happened in the world of sports during the weekend. It reviews the best scores, the most talked about plays and an analysis of the referees' performance. Sunday, 10 of the night on Canal de las Estrellas

Más Deporte

Más Deporte is a weekly sports summary that reviews Mexico's Saturday soccer rounds and the preliminaries for Sunday matches. It also includes reports, interviews and colorful notes. Sunday, 11 of the morning on Canal de las Estrellas

Noticiero TD

A sports summary with the days most important news. The Televisa Sports Division sportscast has assured its position as Mexican television's most watched daily sportscast. It's hosted by Javier Alarcón and Gerardo Liceága. Monday to Friday 11:20 of the night on Canal de las Estrellas
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