El Pantera (The Panther)

El Pantera(The Panther)returns recharged from adrenaline and emotion to attack the crime and the drug trafficking that one empowers of the country. A series of action and humor produced by Rodolfo of Anda.

Ellas son... la alegría del hogar (They are... the joy of home)

Discover the experiences of a group of women dedicated to service in a private home, with enough black humor, drama, suspense and love. Araceli Ramirez, Danny Perea, Maya Zapata, Zaide Silvia Gutierrez, Vanessa Bauche and Eugenio Derbez.

Hermanos y Detectives (Brothers and Detectives)

Adrián Uribe, Julio Bracho and Octavio Ocaña complement each other perfectly and together they are all a case Franco Montero and Javier Mancilla take an exciting new direction in all its investigations with the arrival of Lorenzo Montero, a gifted child with an intelligence outside ordinary.

Locas de amor

Juana, Sofia and Eva all share a common destiny: Madness. They have to wrestle with their manias, phobias, fears, dreams and anxieties and try to live a normal live in a world that sometimes seems madder than them.


A group of four partners that work in the "simulation" business and solve the needs and problems of their clients by what they call "operations" that consist in helping said clients by deceiving the instigators causing all the trouble.

Tiempo: final 3

Tiempo: final 3 is a series filled with terror and suspense. Produced by Pedro Torres and has a great Mexican cast, which includes: Lucía Méndez, Alfonso Herrera, Julio Bracho, Ana Layevska, Karyme Lozano, Nora Salinas, Alexis Ayala, María Sorté, Ana Patricia Rojo, Julio Alemán, Alejandro Tommasi, among others. Thursdays 10 PM on Canal 5
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