Primero Noticias

Primero Noticias, anchored by Carlos Loret de Mola, is a newscast to start the day well-informed with exclusive reports, the latest news, weather forecasts, sports, entertainment and much more. Monday on Friday, 6 of the morning on Canal de las Estrellas

El noticiero con Lolita Ayala

El Noticiero con Lolita Ayala is a prestigious journalism show that has the most important information from Mexico and the world. It's known for its veracity, savviness and social work. Monday to Friday 2:30 of the evening on Canal de las Estrellas

Noticiero con Joaquín López Dóriga

When the night settles in, el Noticiero con Joaquín López Dóriga responds to the need of opening information spaces to opposing ideas and tough debates. Monday to Friday 10:30 of the night on Canal de las Estrellas

Tercer grado

Tercer Grado is not just another opinion program and goes beyond the day to day news. Mexican television's most renowned journalist meet to raise controversies, question each other and debate the news. Tercer Grado is not about agreeing with each other, but about debating ideas and defending them. Wednesday 11:30 of the night on Canal de las Estrellas

Alebrijes Águila o Sol

Alebrijes Águila o Sol is a financial magazine show hosted by experts. It informs about Mexico's economic situation from an analytical, simple and agile point of view. It's hosted by Maricarmen Cortés, José Yuste and Marco Antonio Mares, all of who are dedicated to making complicated economical issues and terms, plain to all of us. Monday 11:30 of the night on Canal de las Estrellas

Los reporteros

Every week on Los Reporteros, Televisa's leading team of reporters who've won over 30 national and international awards presents a selection of its best reports. Thursdays, 11:30 on Canal de las Estrellas

Punto de partida

Punto de Partida is an opinion and political analysis program hosted by Denise Maerker. It presents interviews and special reports that endeavor to anticipate the public issues that will conform the week's political agenda. Tuesday 11pm on Canal de las Estrellas

A las 3 con Paola Rojas

A las Tres con Paola Rojas is a young yet professional newscast, committed to informing viewers with a fresh and dynamic point of view which reflects contemporary society. Monday to Friday, 3 PM on FOROtv

Las noticias por Adela

Las Noticias por Adela, more than a newscast, is a journalism show built around an interview with a personality who has become the news of the day. With on-site special reports, in depth commentaries and complete news chronicles, this newscast allows viewers to form their own opinion. Monday to Friday, the 8 of the night on FOROtv
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