100 mexicanos dijieron

The second season recharged with more and better prizes, artists and families winning where now all the famous ones and not so famous they will take part. Led by Adríán Uribe. Tuesday and on Thursday of 3 of the evening for Canal de las Estrellas

A Comer con Coca Cola

A game show in which two families compete for a complete renovation of their kitchen, living room and dining room. Friday 2 of the evening Canal de las Estrellas

Al Sabor del Chef

To the flavor of the chef it is a television program where the lovers of the food, will know easy kitchen recipes to prepare and very specialized others, in the style of the chef Alfredo Oropeza; with whom you will discover that cooking had never been so easy and enterteining. Monday to Friday 11:30 of the morning for Canal de las Estrellas

Amor mío

With the participation of Raúl Araiza and Vanessa Guzmán, you will amuse yourself with this history of love between these prominent figures where initially they are hated and for the conviviality, ultimately they fall in love. On Saturdays, the 3 of the evening, Canal de las Estrellas

Atínale al precio

A program of contests recharged with new surprises and amusement, where the big winners will be the television viewers. Led by Marco Antonio Regil. Monday, on Wednesday and Friday, the 3 of the evening for Canal de las Estrellas


A variety program with sections devoted to comedy sketches and musical numbers. Hosted by Israel Jaitovich and Lorena Herrera. Sundays at 11:30PM on Cana de las Estrellas

El chavo animado

It is a series of television with cartoon based on the prominent figures of the program The Guy. New cartoon is this flood of imagination, adventures and amusement.On Sunday, the 10 of the morning for Canal de las Estrellas

En familia con Chabelo

For three generations, Chabelo has been entertaining children and their parents with a combination of contests, games and pure fun. Sundays at 7AM on Canal de las Estrellas


Hoy is a magazine show for housewives. It has sections on cooking, health, beauty, sex, yoga, horoscopes and information about the entertainment world. It's hosted by Andrea Legarreta, Ernesto Laguardia, Galilea Montijo, Raúl Araiza. Monday through Friday, 9 AM on Canal de las Estrellas

Humor a quien humor merece

Israel Jaitovich you presents the best sketches of Desmadruga2.

Humor es Los comediantes

Humor es... Los comediantes it is one program that presents a wide digest of jokes. It is a space in order that the comedians of Mexico can show his talent and creativity. Monday, on Wednesday and Friday 9 of the night, Galavision

La Casa de la Risa

La casa de la risa (The House of Laughter) is a place where everyone mingles with everyone and where anything can happen. The only rule is to unfasten one's humor and to laugh aloud.

Saturday at 1 PM on Galavisión

La Rosa de Guadalupe

Stories of intense drama, with strong characters inspired on real people, who face desperate situations which corner them to ask a miracle from the Virgin of Guadalupe, a beautiful miracle that will produce a radical change in their lives and in the lives of their loved ones. Monday through Friday at 5 PM on Canal de las Estrellas

Matutino Express

An information concept with a different take on the news. Serious and charming at once. Monday through Friday at 8:30 AM on FOROtv


A weekly game show in which 24 contestants take on extreme challenges in spectacular outdoor surroundings. Hosted by José Ramón San Cristóbal and Eduardo Videgaray. On Saturdays, the 8 of the night for the Canal de las Estrellas

Se Vale

Se Vale is a fun, versatile program for the whole family which exudes joy and a fresh outlook. Hosted by Raúl Magaña and Tania Riquenes the program has different sections, such as, fashion, the occult, love stories, interviews, advice from sexologists, dancing lessons and contests. Monday through Friday at 12:00 AM on Canal de las estrellas

Todo el mundo cree que sabe

A game show by Televisa, hosted by Marco Antonio Regil, in which two adults will have to demonstrate that they've retained all that they were taught in primary school. Saturdays at 9PM on Canal de las Estrellas

TV de Noche

TV de noche is a night-time magazine show hosted by Jorge Muñiz, Andrea García and Sugey Abrego. A dynamic and contemporary program, TV de noche invites viewers to enjoy the life of the city and its real life characters. Monday to Friday, 9 PM on Galavisión

Una familia de 10

An extremely enterteining family do not stop seeing her! On Sundays 4:30 of the evening on Canal de las Estrellas


This enterteining history is carried out in a building where the tenants do not stop having problems of the daily life. There take part César Bono, Eduardo España, Roxana Castellanos, Mayrin Villanueva, between others. On Saturdays, 2 of the evening on Canal de las Estrellas
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