Corporate Culture



Corporate Values

Credibility: To inspire the trust of our employees, through the behaviour of their bosses and directors, behavior built on consistency between words and actions.

Ethics: The regular exercise of human values at both individual and collective levels: honesty, loyalty and justice as company guidelines.

Integration: The force that links employees in a common effort.

Leadership: The challenge and responsibility of always remaining the best in our field.

Innovation: The tool required to successfully compete in markets both complex and saturated.

Professionalism: Command over our profession, to do our jobs efficiently, so that it reflects in high quality products.

Communication: Information flow in every process and direction of the Group.

Human Relations: Respectful, cordial and fair dealing among Televisa?s personnel. The company promotes respect for the individual.

Recognition: To take into account all the merits and successes of the persons that make Televisa great, independently of age, sex or position.

Profitability: To harvest the economical benefits of the Group and further its expansion through ever better technical and human platforms.