Televisa Chapultepec


At Televisa Chapultepec our specialty is producing newscasts, sports and special events programs.

Chapultepec harbors Televisa Deportes soundstage, which brings together all of then company's sports content in a visually and technologically spectacular way. Contact with the audience is a primordial concern for Televisa Deportes so it's developed a a thrivin Internet portal and an 'Open Doors' section which will welcome audiences to the recordings of the programs: 'La Jugada' and 'Tribunal TD'.

Televisa Deportes's soundstage is a versatile multi-set that hosts all our sports content: Noticiero TD, Selección Nacional, La Jugada Lounge, A Puertas Abierto, soccer and other sports broadcasts, Laboratorio TD, TelevisaDeportes.com. Univision's Set, Más Deporte, Special Events, and TDN's (radio and TV shows).

The Newscenter, one of the most advanced in the world, includes compression technologies and signal digitizacion; it can broadcast up to three programs simultaneously. And it has an additional studio: FORO TV.

Televisa Chapultepec's main foyer houses 'The Pope's Chair', which Pope John Paul II used in an event at Azteca Stadium during his fourth visit to Mexico in 1999.

Avenida Chapultepec No. 28
Mexico City, 06724
Phone: 01 (55) 52 24 50 00