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Break audience records in Internet transmissions during the Soccer World Cup. and

 -Over 21 million users in Mexico and Latin America have tuned in to the 44 games transmitted through the Internet: this amounts to over 5 million hours of live video.

-Almost 500 million users visited to watch the games through Internet video on opening day. and report the following preliminary results: 46 minutes average watching time per visit and almost 19 million videos watched live and on demand, all as part of the Internet coverage of the FIFA World Cup.

Simply on the first day, almost 500 million users visited to watch the games through Internet video. The portal received almos 5 million visits that same day to consult diverse content such as:  calendars, VOD, playback, goals, forums, photo galleries, statistics, summaries, news, programming and blogs by soccer experts.

"We are proud of the numbers obtained in Mexico and Latin America. This event has proved that Internet user habits are changing and that TV viewers are migrating in search of quality digital content. Just during this World Cup we've had 4.5 million webpages seen through mobile devices and over 300 thousand downloads of our "World Cup 2010" app to mobile phones in the last month," said Emilio Aliaga,'s Director of Content and Operations.