Exhibition Award winning projects Quorum 2013

Hector Rivero Borrell, Director of the Museo Franz Mayer, Marcela Solar, Director of Strategic Planning Televisa, Luis Herrera, President of Quorum; Lorenzo Alvarez and Rodrigo Noriega, the exhibition designers were part of the distinguished group who cut the ribbon of the exhibition.

Exhibition Award winning projects Quorum 2013

Yesterday, the opening for the exhibition of the winning projects of the Quorum Award's 21st edition: Conexiones (Connections), was held at the Franz Mayer Museum. There, you will be able to see the projects that were recognized last September 30, which took place in Palacio de Bellas Artes.

Additionally, the printed memory book of the Quorum Award 2012 was launched, which is a compendium of the people contributing to this project and all what the 20th edition, called "Año Cero" (Year Zero), represented.

On the other hand, Televisa delivered two internships to the best projects enlisted by students:

1. Graphic Design

Project: Resound

Contact: Diego Beauroyre

University: CENTRO. Diseño, Cine y Televisión

2. Animation Design

Project: The Sky's Conqueror

Contact: Alejandro De Hoyos

University: Universidad José Vasconcelos

Exhibition will be open to the public up to next November 3, 2013. Furthermore, round tables are to be held next October 29 in which some personalities from the segment will be debating and giving opinions about several topics related to design. Round tables will also take place in Mexico City's Franz Mayer Museum.