Aquamorphosis: Liquid Ideas

Emilio Azcárraga Jean participates in the Tenth Marketing Seminar: Aquamorphosis: Liquid Ideas, Total Adaptability

Aquamorphosis: Liquid Ideas

Last October 3, took place the Tenth Marketing Seminar called: Aquamorphosis: Liquid Ideas, Total Adaptability.

At the beginning of the event, Emilio Azcárraga Jean underlined the company's firm will to continue working hand in hand with each and every client, carrying out joint projects adaptable to any platform.

He also emphasized that Televisa will continue evolving in parallel with the technology revolutions and new trends in content consumption, creating emotions across all the distribution platforms.

On the other hand, Alejandro Quintero, Corporate Marketing VP, defined the liquid idea concept as an idea with the capacity to leak and adapt beyond the place it was originally conceived; invading, at the same time, the most diverse communication media, breaking all kinds of barriers.

He emphasized that with Televisa's liquid concepts, the brands can flow tightly through open TV, regional TV, pay TV, Internet and mobile devices, enabling publicity messages to reach the consumers with the exact same excitement and conviction.

To complement the event, two major personalities from the segment attended it: Mike Walsh and Martin Lindstrom.

Mike Walsh, founder and chairman of Tomorrow agency, spoke about the ways to use digital anthropology and global vision with the new generation of consumers.

In contrast, Martin Lindstrom, CEO of Martin Lindstrom Company LTD, shared his own experiences regarding the change of behavior, reasons and motivation among the consumers, highlighting the actions that communication media must take in order to adapt to such incredible trends.