Galavisión becomes GalaTV

Galavisión becomes Gala TV; all with a new fresh image that will offer international content

Galavisión becomes GalaTV

Starting April 15th, Galavisión, Channel 9, changes to GalaTV with a versatile programming for the contemporary adult and with possibilities to also integrate and entertain the whole family with international quality contents that are adaptable to everybody's taste.

This channel's transformation is part of a network strategy with all partner broadcasters to offer a more efficient operation and a more attractive programming for both national and local audiences and advertisers.

GalaTV comes with a fresh new image that will offer talk shows, entertainment, reality TV and shows. Due to their success, it will still include telenovelas, sitcoms and the broadcast of sporting events, which give an added value to this channel.

Due to our vital commitment to inform the audience, GalaTV will keep its local and national news coverage.

Consequently, GalaTV's programming will include blocks that could be watched all over the country, which will be complemented by different local productions in each city.

National programming of GalaTV includes the morning talk show Despierta América, rating leader in the United States, popular Telemundo's telenovela La Patrona, as well as a time slot of outstanding Televisa Networks productions, such as Netas Divinas, Está Cañón and MoJoe; without leaving the entertainment world behind with Qué Pókar!

Mexican cinema on the weekends is a favorite among the audience; GalaTV will keep its classic movies cycles and will add new era movies, which will be a very attractive option for the audience.

Another important change is that, together with GalaTV, a franchise system will be created for all Channel 9 partners in Mexico, which will allow the audience to discover in this channel a signal that relates more to their local reality and addresses the preferences and expectations of local audiences adequately.

This evolution will also be reflected in the new graphic image of GalaTV's logo, which incorporates three fundamental components: a slender G that comes from its previous name, Galavisión; a number 9 due to the frequency in which it is currently broadcasted in many cities; and a color spectrum that represents the television color bar and the dynamic and joyful essence of this new proposal as well as a color mosaic that reflects our spirit.

Another new characteristic of GalaTV is that it will have a sound package with the same musical line which will vary in order to identify the various programs: shows, sports, telenovelas, talk shows and news.

GalaTV transforms to extend the brand and bring its contents to diverse platforms, and satisfy the expectations and preferences of various audiences.