Durmiendo con mi jefe/Sleeping with my boss

Starting next Sunday, March 3, on Canal de las Estrellas.

Durmiendo con mi jefe/Sleeping with my boss

27 de febrero de 2013

Last Tuesday night, Durmiendo con mi jefe was presented at Urrutia Publicity´s office, the set mounted in stage 11 of Televisa San Angel where this comedy series is developed. Premiere will be next Sunday, March 3 at 19:30 hrs., on channel 2.

Durmiendo con mi jefe is a sit comedy produced by Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo and directed by Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo.

The presentation ceremony was hosted by Jan who introduced the boss-employee couple, made up by Gael Urrutia (Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo) and Carlos Briones (Raúl Araiza), the main characters in Durmiendo con mi jefe. The protagonists told the media how excited they are about entertaining the Mexican audience throughout the 20 episodes of this project.

Durmiendo con mi jefe is part of the new shows composing the return of the Sunday comedy time slot with which Televisa is trying to take up again the white humor for the family through this story about businessman Gael Urrutia (Jorge Ortíz de Pinedo). Gael loses his reputation and goods due to his wife´s revenge (Luz Ma. Jerez) after discovering he is cheating on her. Thus, he is forced to work as a regular employee and the only support he receives comes from his subordinate, Carlos Briones (Raúl Araiza). From this situation, many adventures and confusions take place.

The rest of the cast in Durmiendo con mi jefe is made up by Sylvia Pasquel, Lorena de la Garza, Cecilia Galiano, Andrea Torre, Jesús Moré, Lenny Zundel, Marcia Coutiño, Tania Riquenes, Emmanuel Lira, Arturo Posada and Ausencio Cruz, who is making his comeback to TV through this show.

Durmiendo con mi jefe starting this Sunday, March3, at 7:30 p.m. on Canal de las Estrellas.

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This press release is accompanied by the press kit, logo and photographs, courtesy of Televisa.