Fundacion Televisa presents the 2013 Values Campaign

For the tenth year in a row, the Values Campaign is launched.

Fundacion Televisa presents the 2013 Values Campaign

For the last 10 years, Fundación Televisa has held one of the most successful campaigns to promote coexistence values, which are crucial to build secure communities. The phrase "TIENES EL VALOR O TE VALE" ( DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE OR NOT?) is one of the catchiest phrases in our country and is used on everyday basis as part of the Mexicans´ language.

This year, music will be the means to communicate a reflective and action message; and it will reach millions of people thanks to the different platforms from Grupo Televisa.

Fundación Televisa's 2013 Values Campaign consists of three stories told in a different and original way through a song. For this matter, hip hop, rap and reggaeton were the selected music styles, which characterize for their critical tone and their trend setting lyrics that talk about social problems.

The songs will be performed by Big Metra, Niña Dioz and Nigga, who shared their time and talent composing the songs to be played in the videos. In each of the videos, daily life problems, like bullying, will be presented; which will remind people about the importance of living a life driven by values that rescue essential key concepts like respect, equality and tolerance.

The creative talent behind this campaign is José Beker, and Pedro Torres was the producer. Fundación Televisa's 2013 Values Campaign will have different versions which will be aired along the  year, through different platforms including TV, radio, movies, websites and social networks.

The 2013 Values Campaign will also include several activities to be performed through Internet and social networks, mainly.

You can watch Fundación Televisa's 2013 Values Campaign behind the scenes show in: