Televisa is to launch VivaFut in Mexico

A global soccer social network.

Televisa is to launch VivaFut in Mexico

Televisa reached agreement with ShareThe LTD in order to launch VivaFut in Mexico, a global soccer social network which service will add a significant social component to the experience of enjoying one of the world´s most popular sports.

VivaFut will be a space for soccer fans to share photos, comments and experiences derived from their passion and enthusiasm for such a sport, and it could be used through PCs and different platform mobile devices, like cell phones and tablets.

VivaFut  will operate as a downloadable application and web page, in which the users will be able, among many other functions, to create a profile, follow their favorite teams, create communities, check news and statistics, see photos and videos, and check- in to the matches,.

VivaFut will be in operations by the end of November 2012.