Espacio is to organize the youth forum 'Necessary Dialogues'

Some previews on the organization of Vanguardia Iberica were disclosed

Espacio is to organize the youth forum 'Necessary Dialogues'

At the Espacio de Vinculacion's Board of Directors Meeting, some previews on the organization of Vanguardia Iberica were disclosed. It will get Espacio Vanguardia's students together with important personalities from the politics, cultural and business environments, in Madrid and Cadiz, Spain, as of November 7.

The execution of Necessary Dialogues, from October to November 2012, was agreed during this event. It will be held in Oaxaca and Mexico City. At these forums, the youngsters are to express their concerns and contribute with their ideas about major problems related to economy, culture, politics and environmental issues.

At this Board of Directors Meeting, Grupo Televisa's President, Emilio Azcárraga, said: "We will be very attentive to the questionings, needs and critiques the youngsters have. We have always been open to it and focused on how we can improve this, and we are very proud that an effort like Espacio, which was created in Mexico, can be exported to so many countries, and now it is to be held in Spain for the first time."

José Narro, UNAM'S Vice Chancellor, acknowledged Espacio's contributions and said he is truly convinced of the relevance of this huge effort. He also congratulated Emilio Azcárraga for his perseverance in promoting such a project as Espacio, and emphasized Mexico needs agreements, so anything promoting them is good for the country.

IFE's President, Leonardo Valdés, assured that for the institution, the youth is of great importance because it is: "A population sector we have much interest in educating on civil values and civic engagement." For this reason, he explained, IFE has promoted the Espacio and Vanguardia coalition, so that it becomes a long lasting strategic alliance.

During the same meeting, Oaxaca's governor, Gabino Cué; and Puebla's, Rafael Moreno Valle, expressed the necessity of having authorities listening to the young people, and recognized the value of Espacio as a forum to listen to their ideas and concerns.

"A big opportunity to build these Necessary Dialogues has opened and, for sure, they will be very helpful in the creation of conditions to make the new government take into consideration the young people's view, facing to the beginning of such new government", said governor, Gabino Cué.

For his part, Puebla's Governor, Rafael Moreno Valle, highlighted the importance of showing youngsters the value of holding a respectful, constructive dialogue, "Although it may be quite hard and even if the questions are tough, as we have already seen many other times, eventually, it has to end in a proposal".