The XEW turns 82

82 years of "Latin America's Voice from Mexico"

The XEW turns 82

On September 18, 1930, in the Olimpia Cinema's second floor, at 8:30 p.m., Beethoven's Ninth Symphony was performed by Mexico City's typical orchestra, directed by Miguel Lerdo de Tejada: XEW, Latinamerica's Voice from Mexico, and this is how Mexico's radio history begins.

In 1934, XEW moves to 52 and 54 Ayuntamiento Street, with bigger studios, wide hallways, and a cafeteria where the artists would gather between programs. The celebrities' arrival was quite an event; while the fans surrounded them to ask for an autograph, young composers approached to offer their songs.

When the new building was inaugurated, people had the chance to meet the two big studios: the Blue and Silver, and the Green and Golden. All the prime time programs were broadcasted in these two studios; they have capacity for over 800 people and people would fight to get the first seats. Years later, the Green and Golden studio was renamed as Agustin Lara.

XEW has been able to create emotions that keep company to the listeners, and to consolidate W as the best radio station in Latin America. Today, it is the greatest Hispanic content producer worldwide.

To everyone who has been part of this big history: thank you very much for 82 years of broadcasting...