Hecho en México

A film written, produced and directed by Duncan Bridgeman

Hecho en México

An exciting musical journey throughout modern Mexico, with the participation of rock stars, rappers, popular artists, intellectuals and pop stars, who will show a unique portrait of the country and its people.

Recent years in Mexico have been difficult. All news seems to be bad news. Nevertheless, there is a different reality hidden inside daily life. Director Duncan Bridgeman weaves songs obtaining a beautiful outcome in this unparalleled film project.

Hecho en México is a collaborative work from the brightest creative Mexican minds in which famous names were combined with those of unknown heroes around the country. It is a reflex of what being Mexican means in these changing times, and a celebration of the Mexican identity as a powerful family. The result is an inspiring and, sometimes, hilarious reflection about what it means to be Mexican nowadays.

A film written, produced and directed by Duncan Bridgeman; produced by Lynn  Fainchtein; executive producers, Emilio Azcárraga and Bernardo Gomez; associate producer, Juan Carlos Griera.

Featuring: Diego Luna, Lila Downs, Daniel Gimenez Cacho, Chavela Vargas, Ruben Albarran and Residente Calle 13.