Suave Patria


Suave Patria

In Mexico City, a pesera (Mexico city's public transportation) moves across the usual traffic when, all of a sudden, a young thief puts on a mask and threatens the passengers with a gun. Scared, housewives, students and employees are willing to give away their very few belongings. To the thief's surprise, an uncovered police officer gets up at the back of the bus: he is also holding a gun. They start arguing and to everyone's horror, they shot each other. The thief falls down covered in blood, when the police officer gets closer aiming at him with the gun; the "death man" gets up and together they thank the passengers explaining to them that they are a theatre group called Suave Patria, and that they rather scare them than assault them. The passengers get the artists off the bus feeling confused between lynching them and giving them applause, but everything was so realistic that nobody gives them a dime. They are Arturo and Oscar, two unemployed actors looking for fame and fortune, but while these two things come to their lives, they are surviving hunger and grief in their daily life.

A few days later, devastated by hunger, they try the same routine at a luxurious restaurant; only this time they do it to get food for free. There, they call the attention of an elegant man, Mauricio Tavares. Predictably, their attempt fails and they are caught by harsh police detective Porfirio NarvŠez.

Before they are put in jail, Tavares rescues them by bribing detective NarvŠez, and asks them for a favor: they should do the routine over again to play a practical joke to his good friend, Mr. Antonio Robledo. But this time, they must simulate a temporary kidnapping and after the fright, everyone will celebrate with a surprise party. The request is supported by a suitcase full of money.

At first, Arturo is reluctant to do it, but the failure accumulated, hunger, and the threat of being evicted from his apartment force him to accept.

As part of the plan, Arturo and Oscar go to a cultural event sponsored by Don Antonio Robledo. During the gala, Arturo meets Roxana, who happens to be his "victim's" daughter, and he completely falls in love with her.

The plan is carried out, but in the middle of the "joke", an armed squad bursts in and kidnaps Don Antonio for real.

Detective NarvŠez and his assistant arrive immediately to the kidnapping place. Oscar and Arturo, now turned into suspect kidnappers, escape from the furious pursuit NarvŠez organizes against them.

Accompanied by Roxana, who joins them in the adventure, our heroes go through an intense and exciting voyage across Durango's most beautiful and remote places where, in a western and comedy tone, they will fight against fraud, punish evil, and probably find love.

Oscar and Arturo are two unfortunate actors who survive unemployment by performing a street routine in which one of them represents the role of a thief and the other acts as a police officer. Because of this performance, they are "hired" in order to play a practical joke to a top executive; however, it will become a trap that causes them to be chased by Detective Narvaez who, under the orders of an old rogue, will try to frame them in the kidnapping. Now, our heroes will have to face the deception, find love and punish evil.