True Love

It is Nicandro Diaz's production.

True Love

It is Nicandro Diaz's production. The story is about Victoria Balvanera, who is the Creative Director of Meta Imagen Internacional, the most important advertising agency in the country. Being such a successful woman has made her the target of various attacks and it is during one of these incidents that she meets José Ángel Arriaga, a modest ruralman, who comes to the Balvanera Ranch to apply for the foreman's job when a gang ofcriminals bursts into her estate to kidnap her. Thanks to his knowledge of Aikido, Arriagasaves Victoria, turning this into a very emotional encounter between them due to the circumstances.

Victoria is very grateful to Arriaga and asks him to become her bodyguard. At first, Arriagarefuses to accept the job because that is not his line of work. However, legal and financial problems force him to accept it.

Victoria is married to Nelson Brizz, the advertising agency's marketing manager. Nelson meets the beautiful top model Kendra Ferreti and begins an affair with her. In fact, Kendrais Salsero's lover, who is the Balvanera's chief of security and they are both behind the attacks against Victoria.

Victoria and Nelson's daughter, Nikki, is a spoiled, impulsive and fickle girl. However, shealso suffers deeply inside which she manifests through bulimia because, even though shehas everything she wants, she feels abandoned by her parents who are working all the time.

Victoria also worries about her daughter?s wellbeing and hires Francisco Guzmán to beNikki's bodyguard. She initially rejects him, but as the time passes by, she falls in love withhim.

Liliana, Arriaga's daughter, arrives at the Balvanera mansion to work and falls madly inlove with Guzmán which causes serious confrontations between her and Nikki for the loveof the bodyguard.

Adriana Balvanera, Victoria's sister, comes back to Mexico after a long stay in Europewhere she became a great photographer. As luck would have it, she finds out that the daughter she gave birth to 18 years ago is not dead, as they made her believe. Aníbal, her father, tricked her and sent her to Europe as punishment for having fallen in love with andgetting pregnant by a man "with no future". Now, Adriana has learned the truth and she isready to find her daughter.

Victoria and José Ángel struggle all the time not to show their feelings toward each other, because they are both married. Nikki and Liliana will fight for Guzmán's love. Many other characters complement our main characters in this fascinating story, where everyone tries to find their "true love".