Televisa is the leading Spanish contents creator and distributor


Televisa is the leading Spanish contents creator and distributor

Televisa's history begins when Mr. Emilio Azcárraga Vidaurreta starts the broadcast of radio station XEW in 1930; in 1953 he initiates the Television Era in Mexico. Today, Televisa enters the broadcast of contents for all platforms consolidating its experience so that it can compete in the globalized world.

Televisa is the Open Television leader in the Mexican market through four channels, Canal de las Estrellas, Canal 5, Foro TV and Galavision; and generates more than 70 thousand hours of contents in all genres, including Telenovela, which was invented in Televisa, and it has produced more than 800 Telenovelas since 1957.

Televisa is a vertically consolidated company that develops projects from the conceptualization to the transmission, with a great technical and professional team developed by the company.

Televisa has four different companies for entertainment distribution such as television channels, sports, concerts, telecommunication systems and consumer products.

Aware of its role as a leader, it puts together the entertainment world with the social responsibility through Fundación Televisa, in areas like education, health, culture, environment and the promotion of values. It implements important projects like Espacio, to bring university students closer to the productive sector. It also supports the Teletón and Iniciativa México.

Televisa is the leading creator and distributor of quality entertainment contents in Spanish for all platforms