Pequeños Gigantes (Little Giants)

Grand premiere Sunday March 27, at 8PM on Canal de las Estrellas

Pequeños Gigantes (Little Giants)

Starting March 27 the stage will shine with the presence of a group of...

Little Giants... Because dreaming makes you big.

Little Giants (Pequeños Gigantes) is a new program from Televisa that will, once again, unite Mexican families around their TV sets.  It's an impressive program that will show the best that we have: the magic of children.

Produced by Rubén Galindo and Santiago Galindo, 4 to 12-year-old youngsters will surprise us by taking the stage to show off their talent: singing, dancing, acting and stand-up comedy. This will be the new launching platform for the stars of the future.

Little Giants was designed to present and exalt teamwork, sports culture, honesty and every value that enriches Mexican identity.

Gathered in teams, kids will compete week after week showing their charisma and talent in different tests and competitions, making the show an unending cascade of surprises and exciting moments.

Little Giants...  The program that will prove that everything is better when seen through the eyes of a kid!