La fuerza del destino (The Force of Destiny)

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La fuerza del destino (The Force of Destiny)

"La Fuerza del Destino" ( The Force of Destiny) produced by Rosy Ocampo, a story written by María Zaratini and starring  Sandra Echeverría, David Zepeda and Gabriel Soto.

The story goes back 14 years, when Alicia finds herself having to work at the home of the Lomelí Curiel family, where she was taken in together with her son, Iván.

Iván fell in love with Maripaz, Lucrecia and Gerardo Lomelí's oldest daughter, and she ended up pregnant. When the Lomelí's found out, they had Iván beaten, but in the fight, one of the thugs died and Iván had to flee to the United States. There, he met Anthony Mcguire, and American business man who adopted him and who pressed him to return to Mexico to look for his son.

On returning to Mexico, Iván goes to the Lomelí home to look for Maripaz and ask her about their son; but it turns out that nobody knows what happened to him.  Iván meets Lucía, Maripaz's sister and a noble, good-natured young woman who helps him to find his son. Little by little, Lucía and Iván fall in love, and Maripaz does everything in her power to destroy their love, but the force of destiny is overwhelming.