Rafaela, more than a love story

Premieres January 31, 5 PM Canal de las Estrellas

Rafaela, more than a love story

. From an original story by Delia Fiallo, it's produced by Natalie Lartilleux.

Rafaela is the daughter of Caridad Martínez and Rafael de la Vega, who abandons them. She starts working at a hospital directed by her father who, on finding out that Rafaela is his daughter, tries come closer to her notwithstanding that she gives him the cold shoulder. At the hospital,  Rafaela meets José María, a doctor who loves his work but who is a womanizer and a male chauvinist, and he's married to Mireya, tied to her by a big secret they share.

The attraction between  Rafaela and José María grows little by little, until they consummate their love. Then Rafaela learns that she's pregnant, but decides not to tell José María because she finds out that he's married. he realizes how much he loves Rafaela, but is being blackmailed by his wife and has to stay with all because of that big secret that could destroy his life.

This story stars Scarlet Ortiz and Jorge Poza. And it has a great all around cast:: María Rojo, Rogelio Guerra, Diana Bracho, Arleth Teran, Chantal Andere, Arturo Carmona, among others.