Para volver a amar (Marriage Diaries)

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Para volver a amar (Marriage Diaries)

"Para volver a amar", Roberto Gomez Fernandez's new production, premieres on Monday, July 12 at 5 PM through Canal de las Estrellas. It's a story about the lives of six couples who are going through a marriage crisis caused by everyday problems: infidelity, unemployment, physical abuse.

It's the story of three women who got married thinking it was forever, believing in the dream of a happy marriage; and one day, they realize that they're not living the lives they want and that that never say what they really think. Six women who will learn, together, that happiness is not unreachable, that it's something each one of them must dare to look for.

Antonia is a cheerful and loving woman, and superb mother and professional. She works at a real estate company, but when her daughter Paola get into an accident, she quits because Braulio, her boss, does not support her. And thus she opens her own company with the help of her husband Patricio, who's a great father and the ideal husband.

Her office becomes a place of refuge for a group of women with different problems. Rosaura works with her. She's always distracted or eating something to fill her emotional emptiness and her stress.

Barbara, a beautiful, fun woman with low self esteem and who's somewhat clumsy, has a jealous, obsessive and alcoholic husband, Patricio, who makes her life a living hell. He uses physical abuse to control her and stop her from leaving him. Barbara too starts working with Antonia. 

Yorley is a sweet, simple woman who is also a born fighter. She becomes disappointed with Mario, her husband, when she realizes that he always turns down jobs because he deems them to be beneath him. Yorley becomes strongly attracted to Leonardo Torres, a millionaire widower.

Maite, a cold ambitious woman, competes with her husband Jorge to see who has a better job and who earns more. Jorge files for divorce and finds Laila.

Valeria, who endures psychological abuse from her husband Braulio and who feels despised by her own son, breaks the chains that tied her to her husband when she finds out he's been lying to her about his family.

"Para volver a amar" has a great cast: Alejandro Camacho, Rebeca Jones, Rene Strickler, África Zavala, Nailea Norvid, Alejandra Barros, Jesús Ochoa, Mark Tacher, Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez, Juan Carlos Barreto, Flavio Medina, Sophie Alexander, among others. 

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Monday to Friday , 5 PM Canal de las Estrellas