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INICIATIVA MÉXICO is a project that endeavors to recognize and extol efforts that help to build a better Mexico. The project involves academic institutions, social organizations and diverse opinion leaders and and is backed by strong promotion from the media. 
In a year of Centennial and Bicentennial celebrations of Mexico's Revolution and Independence, respectively, this initiative expects to detonate a profound reflection about the responsibility Mexicans have to forge the country we all want. 
INICIATIVA MÉXICO will call upon any person, organization and institution to present social projects that are already making a difference.  

Participating media will open there spaces to promote this initiative and spread the word about the project's advances and results. The goal is to encourage society to get involved with this great project and to recognize those who are working and transforming this country. 

INICIATIVA MÉXICO concludes with an awards ceremony and the allotment of support grants to the most outstanding projects.