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Estadio Azteca

Among the largest stadiums in the world, Estadio Azteca is a major venue for sports and musical events. It has been the host of massive concerts and two Soccer World Cups.

Arq. Pedro Ramirez Vázquez together with the Arq. Rafael Mijares, were in charge of the construction of the stadium, work that lasted approximately four years and involved hundreds of persons, not only for the construction, but also for the research and visits to the most famous soccer stadiums of the world in cities like Buenos Aires, Madrid, Roma, Florencia, Paris, London, Moscú and Varsovia.

Ten architects, thirty four engineers, fifteen technicians and eight hundred workers of all the specialties and categories, worked during the construction of the building. The Estadio Azteca (The Aztec Stadium) is a place full of pride for all those who intervened during the seven million hours men that took its construction.

The field measures are 68 mts. width and 105 mts. length, according to FIFA requirements. The position of the field is oriented to avoid disadvantage related to sunlight.

The lighting system is one of the most modern in the world, the same that is used nowadays in Europe, guaranteeing perfect visibility during night games.

The stadium is considered to be one of the most important worldwide because of his magnitude and actual capacity of 105,000 comfortably seated spectators, a
special zone for handicapped people, restaurants and parking facilities, excelling FIFA worldwide requirements.

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