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Distribuidora Intermex

Intermex is Grupo Televisa's continental magazine distributor, and a leader in the field both in Mexico and in Latin America. In Mexico, it distributes over 67% of the widest circulated magazines, which translates into more than 15 million copies sold monthly.

Intermex offers a wide variety of distribution, logistics, administration and marketing services, to position products at the best points of sale.

It was established in 1969 to meet editors' need to distribute and sell their publications with greater efficiency, coverage and exhibition across Mexico.

It has the most advanced technology so as to be able to offer the greatest coverage and a distribution network with over 25 thousand points of sale in Mexico and 80 thousand abroad. It owns the leading distribution companies of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Peru.

For Intermex, quality and control in every area and process are of prime importance, and it all comes together in its Chain of Value.

This Chain of Value is formed by the relationship between publishers, providers, Intermex and the different points of sale. The aforementioned flow of relationships is backed by world class information supports and logistics services.

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