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Club América

Club América is a 96 year old epic legend with noble and heroic deeds; 96 years of endless pride, of being created and knowing that greatness only selects very few and that the Club America was chosen by the destiny. It has been 96 years of knowing success has the shape of an Eagle.

In the last 96 years, Club América has been a reference for the most popular sport in Mexico, Soccer. It has been years of glory, pride and passion.

From the  moment it was founded, on October 12, 1916; the team made up by Rafael Garza and Germán Núñez was destined to become the biggest Club and a winner in the Mexican Soccer. During these years, we have had several achievements with no precedent in any other Mexican soccer team. In the 20s, it got its first tri-championship, an accomplishment that would be repeated 60 years later by the team.  

In 1959, Don Emilio Azcárraga Milmo purchased Club América and from then on he gave it the dimension and internationalization that has taken it to where it is now. During the 60s, in addition to the designation of Guillermo Cañedo de la Bárcena as President of the team, major international soccer figures with great soccer's qualities like José Alvez Zague, Vavá, Arlindo Dos Santos, and Moacyr were hired, achieving the first professional title in 1966. In the same year, the greatest soccer temple and house of América was inaugurated, the Estadio Azteca. 

During the 80s, apart from obtaining the second tri-championship in our history, a bi-championship is achieved; five titles in 10 years. This is why the 80s are regarded as the golden era of Americanism. Within this 5 titles, it is especially highlighted the one obtained during the 1983-1984 season because it was achieved at defeating our biggest enemy, Guadalajara. America obtained two league titles and the Inter-American Cup at the end of the 90s, and two more short tournaments, one during the summer of 2002 with the participation of a great Chilean player, Ivan Zamorano; and the other in 2005 with a team led by the ultimate idol in America's team, Cuauhtemoc Blanco.

Our current objectives are to keep the tradition of Americanism pursuing more achievements and acknowledgements in combination with the development of our junior teams to benefit Mexican children and youngsters, reinforcing our activity in that sector and planting the seeds to walk next to the future glories of our team during their development.

We have walked a long path in these 96 years, we have experimented changes in every aspect of the Club, but there is something that remains as our keystone: our principles of honor, work and effort in Club America.

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